Ingram's Magazine: June 2018

June 2018: Digital Edition

Find out the Best Companies to Work For, the Top 100 Private Companies and get the latest tax advice in our Q&A, and take it all with you this weekend with the Ingram's Digital Edition:  June 2018.  In our digital…more

Best Companies to Work For 2018

We’re pretty sure everyone in Kansas City who draws a paycheck, from the C-suites to the intern pool, has heard the guidance that money can’t buy happiness. Rent it, perhaps. On a short-term basis. But true happiness at work is…more

Ingram’s Top 100 Private Companies: 2018

 Since the inception of the Ingram’s 100 in 2011, the undisputed king of commerce in the Kansas City region has been Dairy Farmers of America. With more than $14.7 billion in revenues for 2016, it was bigger than Nos.…more

Concerned? More than a Bit

What, really, is cryptocurrency?  Is it just a trendy investment for gunslingers looking to capitalize on wild swings in its market valuation? Is it just the latest in a series of convenient ways to conduct on-line transactions by working around…more

Q&A with Brad Sprong: Taxes, Investing and Managing Wealth

Q. Let’s talk taxes. One of the biggest and most confusing spots now involves charitable donations. What are some of the differences you’ve seen and what are some of the positives that maybe people aren’t seeing with that? A: I…more

Has Your Estate Plan Entered the Digital Age?

Do you worry about who will tag your friends on Facebook or check you in at trendy hot spots after your demise? The Missouri Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act has just been signed into law; Kansas enacted its own…more

The Role of the Accountant in the Divorce Process

Accountants, for the most part, have been quick to seize financial opportunities. While the business of accounting has its beginnings in record keeping [debits on the left, credits on the right, and all that stuff], the “field” for accountants now…more

After the Fall

Barely 16 months after it began, the Eric Greitens Era in Missouri political leadership came to an abrupt halt this month with a single line of text delivered to Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft: “I re-sign the office of Governor…more

Managing Your Business in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

At the risk of dating myself, I started my banking career when the Prime Rate was 20.50 percent. That was down from a record high of 21.50 percent in December 1980. My first mortgage loan was 16.50 percent, which seemed…more