Ingram's Magazine: February 2012

R-O-M Corp.

If you really want to appreciate the depth of the economic downturn in this country, try making products for other businesses. Jeff Hupke does, and as president of R-O-M Corp., he has a box seat to keep score on the…more

Getting training in order. The correct order.

Before you attempt to put a training program in place at your organization, make sure it has fertile soil for success—and that means can-do attitudes among your staff.Many companies are considering training programs for the new year: New budgets. New…more

Not Even Bain Capital Could Save KC’s Armco Steel

The anti-capitalist spin on Mitt Romney’s record tells us more about the media than it does about the candidate. As long as Mitt Romney remains a front-runner in the race for the White House, the media will treat us to…more

Knock Down the Bio-Barriers Before They Stunt Growth

Anyone in business knows that little things matter. When enough little things go wrong, you can find yourself mired in big problems. That’s what bothers me about some recent developments on the biotechnology and life-sciences front in the Kansas City…more