Ingram's magazine: February 2013

Real Estate Showing Continued Signs of Improvement

For starters, builders and realty professionals just finished their best year since pre-recession 2007. The trend is fueled by a combination of basic economic factors including supply, demand and cost. “As recovery gains its footing … prices should continue to…more

Construction Trades Resource Directory 2013


Construction and Design Industry Outlook 2013

They have also improved their productivity along the way, and prepared themselves for a surge in demand that many think inevitable—sooner or later. “It’s interesting after 4 to 5 years how ‘stable’ sounds so good,” said Phil Thomas, president of…more

The Trades Go Tech

Recent years have brought sweeping technological change to the construction sector, but for much of that time, many of those high-tech toys and tools have been in the hands of professionals—the architects, the engineers and designers. Using Building Information Modeling…more

Meeting the Challenge

Four years of the Fittest Execs and Fittest Companies Challenge have driven home the message that effective workplace wellness programs begin at the top, and that a competitive venue can contribute to greater employee engagement—and thus, a greater return on…more

After Backing Away from the Fiscal Cliff, Now What?

The new year started off with much excitement as Washington leaders worked well into the night to avoid going over the cliff prior to the first day of trading in the markets. The Dow Jones and S&P celebrated the news…more

When it Comes to Borrowing, Relationships Matter

Business owners looking for certainty will have to look long and hard in most cases. But here’s perhaps the closest thing you’ll find to a sure deal right now: Interest rates are likely to remain at historic lows throughout this…more

How’s the Other Half of Your Advertising Working?

About a century ago, department store owner and businessman John Wanamaker was credited with the line, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” This concept seemingly dominated advertising mentality for…more