Ingram's Magazine: December 2013

Wealth Management: Looming End of Tax Year Has Gifting Consequences

These simple guidelines can help maximize the power of your charitable giving in 2013. As we count our blessings this holiday season, it is a natural time to consider supporting favorite charities. And though supporting charity is worthwhile and rewarding…more

Small Business Adviser: Answer the Call to Serve for All the Right Reasons

Board service with non-profit organizations affords a powerful opportunity to put your skill sets to work, and in ways that truly give back to the community. A close friend of mine from Kansas City became a successful business owner early…more

For Small Business, Nowhere to Hide

Large companies won a one-year reprieve from the employer mandate under health-care reforms. Smaller companies face different issues, but those aren’t waiting until 2015 to make their mark. Here’s what Melissa Dziurawiec gets when she does the math: The chief…more

Of Counsel: Obamacare’s Broken Hip: A Balm for Employers?

With all the delays and hiccups in ACA’s rollout, take stock of where you stand. My late father used to tell me with sad prescience that at a certain age, one’s health can seem to fail in a temporally compact…more

Philanthropy Industry Outlook

On the Front Lines in a Regional Battle Against Need A score of Kansas City area leaders in the philanthropic community braved a bitterly cold December morning to attend a spirited assembly on the challenges facing their community. Ingram’s Magazine…more

Local Heroes 2013

Ever catch someone in the act of doing good? We have. Again and again. For the past 17 years, Ingram’s Local Heroes awards have recognized the best of what the Kansas City region offers in philanthropy on a personal level.…more

Give a Charity a Chance 2014 Winner

Störling Dance Theater wins the drawing for a 2014 adver-tising package in Ingram’s and, valued at $25,000. When he first heard the news that Störling Dance Theater had won a year-long print and on-line advertising package worth $25,000 from…more

Financial Adviser: How to Get the Most from Your HSA Plan in 2014

Health Savings Accounts survive in a new environment, with notable changes. As a business owner, you may be wondering if there have been changes to Health Savings Accounts in this new health-insurance environment. The good news is, HSAs did survive…more

Editor’s Note: A Pause to Reflect – and a Focus on the Future

Ingram’s Philanthropy Edition is one way we hope to serve the needs of our citizens and community. The final days of the year are always a good time to take stock of where you stand as a business, and that’s…more

Who’s the Next Downtown Anchor?

Blessed with large organizations that employ thousands, Downtown looks to a new wave of growing companies that can add vibrancy to the central business district. Financial services, health care and government at all levels are sectors that drive employment in…more

The Challenge… and the Opportunities

Advocates for a stronger Downtown Kansas City look to the final pieces that will create long-term sustainability. The next big step in that direction will be cracking the office-vacancy rate riddle, but hints of progress are emerging there. It’s a…more

Corporate Champions 2013: Difference-Makers Rise to the Challenge

When Ingram’s launched its Corporate Champions recognition program in 2008, we noted that the environment for good corporate citizens had rarely been so challenging. Unemployment ran high, food costs were rising, the economy was shaky and social need seemed to…more

‘What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?’ Wrong Question

We focus too much on one night, and not enough on the opportunities that the next 365 days will present. Change that! What are you doing New Year’s Eve? That is one of the most-asked questions on the planet the…more

Around the Region

DECEMBER   Through Dec. 26 “Christmas Carol”If you missed any of the past 32 years, this is your chance to catch the Kansas City Repertory Theatre’s annual rendition of the Charles Dickens classic. Daily performances at Spencer Theater on the…more

In The News

Missouri Buchanan County Agribusiness AcquiredJapanese-owned Helena Chemical Co. of Memphis, Tenn., one of the nation’s largest distributors of farm chemicals and seeds, has acquired St. Joseph Agri Services, a 27-year-old private company. The local company’s offerings include fertilizers, chemicals, seed…more

The Mushy Side of Social Media

When I hear the chattering classes talk about social media, the conversation typically heads in one of two directions, marketing or mayhem. There is a third category, however, that appeals to our better angels and that, I believe, makes the…more

Readers’ Letters

Thanks, Ingram’s Thank you so much for hosting the 20 in Their Twenties reception. It was great to meet other young entrepreneurs in the 2013 class. And the Barbara Corcoran lecture was fantastic. Thanks again for all Ingram’s team does…more