— Ingram’s Magazine: August 2013

For Small Business Borrowers, a Road Map to Capital

In an uncertain economy with unemployment remaining at uncomfortable levels, there is no shortage of opinions about what will turn this economy in the right direction. However, one common theme you will hear is the importance of small business owners…more

Financial Institutions Awaken to Cyberterror Threat

The financial industry faces myriad challenges to achieve sustained profitability and system stability. Currently, financial industry experts and government regulators are particularly focused on the critical importance of cybersecurity. Cyber threats are analogous to terrorist threats to infrastructure systems critical…more

The 2013 Vacation Experience Is a Lot Like Business

It has been reported that more Americans will go on vacation this summer than in the recent past, according to the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker. The article states that up to 69 percent of American adults will travel…more

Who’s Taking Responsibility Around Here? Nobody!

Wouldn’t it be cool if politicians weren’t allowed to blame anybody else, and had to take full responsibility for their own actions and results? Well, the same is true in sales. I’m pretty sick of salespeople still telling me, “the…more

Wealth Management Industry Outlook

Differing Perspectives Drawing from a diverse mix of specialists in the wealth-management sector, the session started, appropriately, with participants defining what the term meant for their own organizations. For most, that common denominator was the way that holistic approaches to…more

With Sunset Years on Horizon, Boomers Redefine Retirement

In vast numbers, they became teenagers in the ’60s, changing everything from the way we eat (fueling the fast-food industry) to the way we think about foreign policy, conscription and military service. They became parents in the ’70s, changing the…more

Leaders of the Pack

Ingram’s Best of Business Kansas City awards, like business in general, have evolved over the past quarter-century. Since their inception in 1989 as the Golden Spoon Awards (and for several years after, Silver Ladle Awards), category winners have racked up…more

KC’s Gold Rush

The long, proud history of Ingram’s Best of Business Kansas City Awards was built on one premise: Excellence should be recognized and rewarded. And it surely has: The 2013 installment of this program, which evolved from the first Golden Spoon…more

A Golden Opportunity

Hostess bakeries have reopened under new management and their tasty pastries, including the iconic Twinkie, are back on store shelves after new owners brought Hostess out of last year’s bankruptcy. The emergence of Hostess Brands—which brings a familiar name back…more

Unchained Creative

It’s a design company. It’s a marketing services company. It makes high-quality, precision vehicle wraps and in-house displays for retail settings, trade shows and corporate events. But what kind of company, exactly, is Unchained Creative? Perhaps the best way to…more