Ingram's Magazine: April 2013

40 Under 40: Class of 2013

  Kate Allen In four seasons at the University of Nebraska, Kate Benson and her Cornhusker basketball teammates went 2-7 against the University of Kansas. Two decades later, she’s Kate Allen, and she’s got scoreboard where it matters most: She’s…more

Bracing for the Inevitable… and for the Unknown

For years, the health-care landscape in Kansas City has been marked by a period of relative stability in the ownership of the hospitals that define quality care for a region of 2 million people. That’s changing—and the change is picking…more

40 Under Forty Leadership Assembly

The evidence of leadership is all around us: A revitalized Downtown. A thriving life-sciences sector. National recognition for outsized philanthropy. A closer examination of those tangible products of leadership—whether it was driven by corporate executives, personal and family wealth or…more

40 Under Forty: A 15-Year Honor Roll

Two law firms—Shook, Hardy & Bacon and Husch Blackwell—are tied for the lead in organizations with the highest number of honorees: Each landed a partner on the list this year, and each has placed 10 overall. Perhaps not surprisingly, the…more

Public Companies: A Decade of Change at the Top

To quickly recap, the large public companies of 2003 that are no longer around include: That year’s No. 2 company is gone: Interstate Bakeries filed for bankruptcy in 2004, and emerged from that in 2009 as Hostess Brands, with headquarters…more

Bear Markets in Bonds: Separating “Fact” from “Fantasy”

Two bond market memes are currently permeating financial-market discussions: First, that U.S. interest rates are at historically low levels; and second, that bear markets in bonds are always fast and severe. The first is only partially true; the second is…more

Real Estate Signs Suggest It’s Time to Invest

Several economic indicators matter when gauging the health of an office market. However, the needle mover across the U.S. is, inarguably, the employment rate. When our employment base is strong, the occupancy rates, rental rates and property values rise in…more

Three Years after PPACA: What We Know-and Don’t

If one thing is for sure, it is that health-care reform is not cost neutral—for anyone. As provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—shorthanded these days as just ACA—begin to take effect, employers and individuals alike need to…more

Passive? Aggressive? Assertive? Only One Way Wins.

It’s the best strategy for engaging, establishing control, proving value, creating a buying atmosphere, and forging a relationship. I define assertiveness as a state of mind and a state of preparation before implementation in a sales call. This writing assumes…more