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April 7, 2017


07 Friday April 7, 2017 • 4pm • SoftVu • Donation

(Not So Basic) First Friday Party

(Not So Basic) First Friday Party benefiting Giving the Basics Could you imagine waking up tomorrow without any soap for your morning shower?  Not being able to wash your hands?  What about not having toothpaste to brush your teeth?  Deodorant so you didn’t smell at work? You could, right?  But you don’t want to. Neither do we. However, this is the reality for 220,000 of children, men and women in Kansas City. Food Stamps don’t cover basic items like soap and toothpaste. Giving The Basics is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization located in Kansas City that provides personal care products to… info

2029 Wyandotte St #100, Kansas City, MO, 64108