Welcome to Kansas

You may know where Kansas is, but do you really know the state? If not, just read on.

If what you know about the Sunflower State—as a place to live, work or own a business—is that it’s flat and full of farms, it’s time you got the whole picture.

Yes, its rich agricultural heritage and output is a key driver of the state’s economy, but Kansas today is much, much more: It’s a hotbed of entrepreneurial thought and practice, a manufacturing powerhouse and the general aviation capital of the world. It’s a place teeming with vital highway and rail
networks, top-notch educational assets, first-class health care, almost unheard-of affordability and centrality for shipping and distribution that simply can’t be matched by any other state.

The state mixes an outstanding quality of life with a low cost of living to produce an unparalleled business and residential setting. One of the most affordable states in the nation, Kansas boasts median home prices that allow out-of-state buyers to purchase twice the home—or more—than they could have for the same price on the east or west coasts.

Economic opportunity, however, may be the biggest strength. Kansas retains
its commanding position in agriculture, a strength it has held since its settlement in the mid-19th century. And it has long been a leader in manufacturing, of both planes and passenger vehicles. Today, though, the business makeup of the state includes high-tech human, animal and plant sciences, and the state’s reputation for entrepreneurial zeal is well-founded.

Another aspect of the state’s economy often overlooked by those who are unfamiliar with Kansas is in transportation and distribution, not only on regional and national scales, but even in world trade. Although Kansas’ position in the center of the nation makes for obvious advantages in truck, rail and even telecommunications, the state is also reaching out to world markets. In the Kansas City region, new intermodal facilities now coming on-line are tying the area directly with deep-sea ports in Mexico, offering an economical way to avoid jammed Pacific ports and better reach the nation’s heartland.

In short, Kansas is well appointed with an infrastructure to support business success. We invite you to read on to learn more about why this dynamic setting is the ideal place to live, work and do business.