In a Nutshell by Ken Herman

School Alternatives Should Become a High Priority

“Unfortunately, the USA’s educational system has been declining for some time, for a variety of reasons.”

If you believed that schools in the USA had been doing a good job preparing our next adult generation to become productive citizens and future leaders, you probably have been forced to re-evaluate that opinion this summer.  Watching college students actively participating in riots and anarchy recently should have been a warning that all is not well in educating America’s next generation.  Apparently, these young adults do not understand how America’s freedom and constitutional government continue to make the USA the most desirable place in the world to live or work (for people of all races and nationalities).  Obviously, many of these rioters do not even understand America’s history enough to separate statues of true American heroes from statues of the confederate south’s black oppressors.  How could these students be so ignorant about America’s justifiably proud history?

Unfortunately, the USA’s educational system has been declining for some time, for a variety of reasons.  It is not just American history, which is not accurately being taught in many schools, it also goes beyond that to deficiencies in basic reading, writing and mathematics skills.  While inner city schools are the easiest to identify as failing, all public-school systems appear to be declining as sources of accurate knowledge which will prepare America’s youth to become valued community or business leaders.

One major problem with America’s education was explained in a May EPOCH TIMES article titled “How Socialists Used Teachers Unions Such as the NEA to Destroy Education”.  “For at least a century the NEA has barely bothered to conceal its leadership’s affinity for communism, collectivism, socialism, humanism, globalism and other dangerous “isms” that threaten individual liberty.  Nor has the NEA shied away from vitriolic attacks on the United States, the free-market system, Christianity, the family or educational freedom.”

With almost 3 million members today, the NEA is the largest labor union in the United States. It has pumped well over $100 million into federal political campaigns since the 1990’s alone.  “Today the NEA is still trying to quash competition, seeking onerous restrictions on private schools, and even waging war on homeschooling families.” This is another reason that our country needs Donald Trump to be re-elected in November.  Trump believes in school choice, and he now understands the severity of America’s dysfunctional educational system. Trump has committed to making Charter Schools available to many more students, especially in large cities where schools are most obviously failing to adequately educate students!

Fortunately, a June 30th Supreme Court decision (Espinoza) ruled that discrimination against religious schools in a tax-scholarship program was unconstitutional.  President Trump said “Today’s ruling is a historic win for families who want school choice now!” The Education Secretary added “School Choice is a civil rights issue, and no parent should have to send their child to a failing school.  I will continue to fight for School Choice and will always defend Religious Freedom!”

The expansion of school choices is critical if the USA hopes to retain our position as the greatest nation for economic opportunities, personal freedoms and justice for all (under our unique constitution).  The USA desperately needs to accurately educate our youth, now and in the future.  How could anyone who really loves the USA want our educational system to continue to be controlled by those who appear to hate our constitutional freedoms?

Wake up America!  School Choice should become one of the USA’s top priorities!