Destination Kansas City

Business Culture

Prime Location

If Kansas City is your destination, here’s a roadmap for understanding the rich diversity of lifestyle options and thriving nodes of commercial activity. Not long ago, a scribe for a local periodical wrote—presumably, with a straight face—that Kansas City was…more

A Productive Work Force

WHETHER IT’S MANUFACTURING OR FINANCIAL SERVICES, AGRIBUSINESS OR HEALTH CARE AND RESEARCH, THE REGION THRIVES BECAUSE OF A QUALITY LABOR POOL. For years, economic-development professionals in Kansas City have boasted that this region’s stellar work ethic and elevated worker productivity…more

Business Climate and Economic Conditions

MORE BUSINESS-FRIENDLY THAN MOST, THE TWO-STATE REGION AROUND KANSAS CITY HAS A NUMBER OF POSITIVE FACTORS GOING FOR IT. As 2016 dawned, the Kansas City region had much to celebrate: Unemployment in both Missouri and Kansas had reached levels not…more

Leading Industries

A REGION LONG-KNOWN FOR ITS BUSINESS DIVERSITY IS BUILDING ON THAT QUALITY WITH AN EMERGING CORE OF LIFE-SCIENCES, LOGISTICS AND TECH COMPANIES. What does the business ecosystem of Kansas City look like? It’s agribusiness, for sure: Some of the nation’s…more

Corporate Headquarters

SOME OF THE BIGGEST NAMES IN BUSINESS HAVE KANSAS CITY ROOTS, WHILE SOME BASED IN OTHER STATES HAVE THRIVING BRANCHES HERE.   Who’s doing business—in a big way—in Kansas City?  Lots of companies, some of whom are shaking up their…more


Welcome to World Class Kansas City

Kansas City's Winning Ways Go Well Beyond The World Champion Royals Even before Wade Davis unfurled that final, 12th-inning bolt of lighting for the last strikeout in the final game of the 2015 World Series, Kansas City’s reputation as a winner…more

Why Kansas City?

To address that question, you have to know who’s asking, and what motivates them. But right now, Kansas City has the right answers. Consider this: • Bloomberg Businessweek ranked Kansas City among the top few of the 50 Best American…more

Greater Kansas City Economic Development Report

Assessing Kansas City’s Promise and Potential Perils What will drive KC’s regional economy forward? Wings, it seems. Of all the topics on the table for the 2016 Greater Kansas City Economic Development Assembly, the future of Kansas City International Airport…more

The Nexus of North America Trade

Logistics, warehousing and distribution are adding a thick strand to the a web of a diverse Kansas City economy.   It really doesn’t take a Ph.D. in geometry to figure this out: Start with a circle. A big one. From any…more

Life Sciences

A lot of cities dream of establishing themselves as centers of bioscience and biotechnology. Few are able to pull that off. Through a mixture of vision, dedication, philanthropy and sheer will, Kansas City stands as the exception. What would a…more

Downtown Transformation

While it may be hard to pinpoint the big-bang moment that gave rise to a new Downtown, it’s easy to see the way that new stars have aligned for this region’s business center. Looking across the expanse of Downtown Kansas…more


Quality of Life

Parks, Boulevards And Fountains Are Just The Trimmings—True Source Of This Region's Appeal Is In The Variety Of Lifestyles It Supports. The good people at the U.S. Census Bureau tell us that the Kansas City region was home to 2,071,133…more

Things You Must do When in KC

We’ve all heard the stories of people from New York who have never been to see the Statue of Liberty. Or D.C. denizens who’ve never set foot in the Lincoln Memorial. Sad but true, we get so caught up in…more

Hospitality and Tourism

YOU DONT HAVE TO LIVE HERE TO APPRECIATE WHAT WE HAVE—BUT IT HELPS. So you think someone visiting the Kansas City region is surely here to see the city’s center, eh? After all, that’s where are stellar cultural attractions tend…more

Entertainment and Culture

FINE ARTS, FINE DINING, AND FIRST-RATE SHOPPING AND PRO SPORTS EXCELLENCE: THE KANSAS CITY REGION HAS ALL OF THAT, AND MORE. You probably haven’t heard of Emporis, a German company based in Hamburg, specializing in data related to buildings. But…more

Reasons to Choose

Transportation and Infrastructure

By Ranking Among the Nation’s Interstate Elites, Kansas City Enjoys Multiple Means of Commercial Transportation. The historic by product of two interstate highways crossing paths has been explosive economic growth wherever such connections are made. For Kansas City, long-time bragging…more

Cost of Living

LIVING BETTER ON LESS, AS RESIDENTS OF THIS REGION DO, IS POSSIBLETHANKS TO A COST OF LIVING THAT SIGNIFICANTLY BEATS NATIONAL FIGURES. One could look at the six factors that determine a region’s comparative cost of living and make a snap…more

Real Estate Values

With Plenty Of Room To Expand, Kansas City Has A Real-Estate Market That Is Defined By Low Cost, Multiple Options And Price Stability. Lewis and Clark get a lot of the credit for taking the first tentative steps to explore what…more


FROM K–12 TO POST-DOCTORAL PROGRAMS, THE KANSAS CITY REGION IS TEEMING WITH EDUCATIONAL ASSETS THAT UNDERPIN THE LOCAL ECONOMY.You can’t engage site-selection consultants in a discussion on the merits of any metropolitan area without addressing one key element of their…more

Healthcare and Community Services

A LONG HISTORY OF TOP-TIER MEDICAL CARE IS BEING UPDATED WITH THE ADDITION OF A THRIVING, VITAL RESEARCH SECTOR. City Hospital, which opened in 1870, is generally regarded as the first facility of its kind in Kansas City, although St.…more