Here Are 250 Good Reasons Why Kansas City Works

With this issue, we proclaim to the world that Kansas City is a center of excellence in executive leadership.

By Joe Sweeney

    It’s with great pleasure that we’re able to deliver the inaugural edition of Ingram’s 250. It’s a digest of extraordinary people who, our editors believe, are the most powerful, influential and accomplished business leaders in the greater Kansas City area. We hope you consider this project as another useful resource that contributes to Ingram’s as a must-read medium for anyone who wants to know the drivers of business, growth and prosperity of their enterprise and the most successful leaders in our great city.

    Many of the those featured on these pages will be familiar faces. Many others will be altogether new names and faces for
our regular readers. We thought it was time for Ingram’s to take a leadership role and create a resource guide that enables our patrons to get to know more of the top leaders from a vast variety of sectors that serve the greater Kansas City region.

    We believe the Ingram’s 250 will effectively archive the top leaders and what they’re doing to drive their enterprise on a local, national and international landscape. We also believe it is essential for the business community to be connected. Consider the Ingram’s 250 an alliance that transcends industries and business groups and a tool that helps not only identify them, but to allows you to better know “the” most powerful and influential leaders in the region.

    We hope you’ll consider this publication a “get things done” directory—a guidebook to people here who contribute significantly to making things happen. There are a few honorees included who reside in Kansas City part of the time. We feel these folks and their enterprises have made such a profound impact that we should include them. 

    I’m confident there will be much discussion about our sel-ections—and objections over inclusion of some, and not others. We view this as an opportunity for our readers to educate us about those you believe belong and should be considered in 2017.

    Several honorees are now retired from day-to-day operations, but we feel they’re so vital to the boards and commissions they serve that we opted to include them. Others may sunset from this annual list or may appear absent from this first release altogether.

We believe it is essential for the region’s business community to be connected. Our hope is that this list contributes to building those connections.

    There are dozens of extraordinary accomplished leaders you might expect among these pages. Our objective is to include those who are active business professionals. This in no way diminishes the legendary contributions of stalwart iconic leaders like Henry Block, Don Hall Sr., Bill Dunn Sr., Anita Gorman and so many others who have contributed so much over the years to help built this great city.

    A few sectors may be considered absent or light in representation, and we’ll be the first to point out that we’ve included only a few from the public sector and religious establishments. Our goal is to focus on the selection of active business professionals and to name those our team feels most influential to our community.

Chronicling Kansas City

    Ingram’s has been chronicling Kansas City for nearly five decades. We’re proud to have archived the growth of this city and of our surrounding communities. The Kansas City Spirit is remarkably prevalent among business leaders who have built this city and the companies that employ its work force.

    I’m often asked if I plan to write a book someday about my experiences as publisher of Ingram’s and the extraordinary people I’ve had the pleasure to get to know. I actually love the idea, but it seems that I’m always facing a deadline of publishing another issue about business and the people who drive it throughout Kansas City and the bi-state region.   

    I’m inspired and energized as I look through this publication. I see so many individuals who have distinguished themselves in so many disparate fields. It has been with pleasure and many months of planning and hard work that we’ve built the first release of the Ingram’s 250 special edition. I hope you find stories herein as fascinating and inspirational as I did. Enjoy!

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