A Tribute to Two Friends

Dec 20, 2017
The guidelines in professional sports journalism dictate that there’s no cheering in the press box, but that’s never stopped someone from secretly rooting for the team he covers. After all, if it’s the Royals going to a World Series or… more

Five Non-Profits and a Baby . . .

Dec 20, 2017
Peter Northcott, 31, holds a unique place in the annals of American education. He is likely the last student in America to have had an eraser thrown at him by a frustrated teacher. I was a witness to the event.… more

A Salute to WeKC

Nov 17, 2017
It’s hard to believe this year marks the 25th anniversary of Ingram’s WeKC program. WeKC began a couple years before Michelle and I purchased the publication and at the time, it was more programmatic in terms of advocating women leadership… more

Sorry About That, Chiefs: It’ll Never Be the Same

Nov 17, 2017
As I walked to Union Station on that mellow fall day in 2015, I was thinking, “This is what sport is all about. In a world full of strife, sport has the potential, at least occasionally, to unite people of… more

These Guys Made History—and Want to Make It Again

Oct 13, 2017
At a time when our home grown Red Guard are out toppling statues and smashing icons in their vain effort to erase history, there are others working to preserve our history, none more consequentially than David Hawley. It was almost 30… more

Meet This Year’s Class of Ingram’s 250

Sep 21, 2017
About a year ago, we were well into the first steps on a new journalistic journey here at Ingram’s: Conducting the first interviews for a feature we call the Ingram’s 250, a compilation of the most powerful business executives in… more

Here’s to the Best of What Kansas City Offers

Aug 4, 2017
It’s been really fun preparing this month’s issue of Ingram’s. Our August edition has, for many years, been a lifestyle issue and the primary content of this fun annual issue is Ingram’s Best of Business Kansas City Awards. This is… more

How Air Conditioning and Air Travel Kept a Lid on Kansas City

Aug 4, 2017
Being an American today requires an understanding of how technology changed the way the nation’s mid-section is viewed.  If you watch a lot of old movies as I do, you might notice that movies from ’30s and ’40s mention “Kansas… more

Taking Off: Ingram’s 2017 Corporate Report 100

Jul 14, 2017
This year marks the 20th occurrence of our team’s administering the annual Corporate Report 100 ranking of the fastest-growing companies headquartered in the greater Kansas City region. The CR100 competition is actually in its 32nd year—we’re honored to be able… more

Don Alexander’s Excellent American Adventure

Jul 14, 2017
In 1992, President George Bush nominated local industrialist and philanthropist Don Alexander to be U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands. Not until The New York Times reported on Alexander’s background on the eve of that confirmation did anyone know how harrowing… more